The Subaru BRZ offers a true sports car experience.


Any car go fast in a straight line – All you need to do is add a turbo charger or put in a big V8 – The true test of a sports car is how it well handles.

Finding a place to test how well a car handles in South Florida can be challenging… But luckily I found a 1.3 mile stretch of road with 6 tight corners, no intersections, almost no traffic, and you can see the entire stretch of road from a distance. The 2014 Subaru BRZ proved to be one of the best handling cars I have driven. It has extremely little body roll and it grips the road really well. You don’t need to go fast in order to have fun in this car. 

The BRZ is powered by a 200hp 4-cylinder boxer engine. The flat engine design gives the car a lower center of gravity, which improves handling. Some may argue that 200hp is low for a sports car now days, I disagree. This car has ample power for its segment and it is light weight. If you need more… The 2014 Subaru BRZ is an aftermarket modder’s dream come true! The engine is easy to work on and there are a number of aftermarket parts websites for this car.


From its low-profile design to its competition seats, the Subaru BRZ is built for sport. It evokes the race car driver in you. I love the blue trimmed microfiber competition seats. They keep you from sliding while cornering and they look great! You will also find a two-tone steering wheel, aluminum brake pedals, and jet fighter style toggle switches. The car rides like a true sports car, you feel every bumping the road through both the steering wheel and your seat. This in combination with road noise, make you think you are going a lot faster than you are. I would often times find myself going 40mph, thinking I was going 60+ mph. This is plus, because you don’t need to go fast to feel like you are.

Starting at $25,000, the 2014 Subaru BRZ is really affordable. This gives Subaru two really unique market segments: customers who want a great handling sports car at an affordable price and customers who want a dedicated race car… Me being the later.