Does The Land Rover LR4 Holds True To Its Roots?


The Land Rover brand has served as the crown jewel for off-road enthusiasts since 1948. But, over the past couple of decades, their vehicles have transitioned from a rugged barebones 4X4s into a luxury SUVs with premium leather seats and TV screens throughout the cabin.

How do the new Land Rovers compare to their historic counterparts? Are the new Land Rovers more than just a grocery carrier for uper middle class soccer moms? I set out to push the limits of the Land Rover LR4 in this review. I wanted to see if this beautifully crafted English made SUV lived up to it’s 4X4 heritage. 

Its proving grounds are Big Cypress Nation Park, located in the Florida Everglades. I went there to test the Land Rover LR4 on three key elements: 1) Traction control 2) Ground clearance 3) Fun.


Big Cypress National Park has over 22 miles of off-road trails. The venue hosts a variety of terrains, so it was the perfect spot to host the Land Rover LR4. The vehicle I tested offer large wheels with low profile Pirelli tires – so it is not the ideal tire for off-roading – but thanks to the Land Rovers active terrain response system, I felt in control the entire time.


When driving through mud, the Land Rover L4R locked all four wheels and kept the 8-speed automatic transmission in a low gear. When navigating through ruts or rocky terain, the Land Rover LR4 was able to conquer the toughest obstacles thanks to its low gear set and its 360hp supercharged V6 engine.


One of the most important features of any off-road vehicle is ground clearance. The Land Rover LR4’s adjustable air suspension allows you raise the height of the LR4 to over 10inches.


The height increase comes in handy when conquering large objects, deep ruts or when you have to cross a shallow creek.


Driving the Land Rover LR4 for a week gave me a new sense of freedom – The feeling reminds me of when I turned 16 and my Dad loaned me the keys to his Audi A6 station wagon – I could go anywhere!


It is important to remember that wherever the path takes you, you will get there in style… You are driving a modern day Land Rover after all. The Land Rover LR4 I was driving was equiped with premium leather seats, a Mark Levinson sound system and a five camera system provides a near 360-degree view of your surroundings. A standard third row of seats means that you and six friends can enjoy the adventure together in style.

So to answer your question… Yes, the Land Rover LR4 holds true to its roots.

Contact your local Land Rover dealer for more information on the LR4 or click here to visit the Land Rover website.