Introducing the new Ford Edge


Ford invited me to experience the all new Ford Edge in Pheonix, Arizona. The 2015 EDGE boasts an all new platform, exterior and interior.

With increase performance and handling on the Sport model, it answers a calling for a performance oriented mid-sized SUV under 50k. The vehicle corners like a sedan and offers less body roll than you would expect for a vehicle in this segment.


I was extremely impressed with the 2015 Ford EDGE’s ride quality and noise damping. The new body and platform streamlines the vehicle in order to reduce wind resistance.

Inside the all new Ford EDGE is a premium interior with richer leathers and lots of technology. The improved craftsmanship and higher quality materials makes the EDGE feel more like a junior Lincoln than a traditional Ford.

If you are a looking for a sporty SUV with lots of technology and a premium feel, you should definitely check out the 2015 Ford EDGE.