The Chrysler Pacifica Is A Win For Families

I don’t have any kids (yet), so a 31 year old male driving a mini-van isn’t attractive. But looking into the future, I understand why Moms and Dads have fallen in love with the vehicles.

Mini vans are the ultimate vehicle for parents, even more so than an SUV, because it is fuel efficient and versatile. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid gets 84 MPGe and offers 33 miles of pure electric driving. That means if your daily commute is just around town, you could theoretically just use electricity day to day and reserve filling up at the pump for family road trips.

Speaking of family road trips, this versatile family hauler keeps everyone comfortable and entertained. With stow and go seating, you can seat up to 7 people, or you can fold the middle row into the floor and provide extra legroom for three kids and the dog. Or if you need an extra large luggage complement, keep the middle row up and fold down the third row. Either way, everyone can enjoy a movie during the day with multiple video screens and the stars at night with an extra large panoramic moonroof.

The beauty of mini vans is that they can conform to the needs of your growing family: from multiple young kids who need a safe vehicle to teenagers who need to get to soccer practice. Plus when your kids do start driving, they can’t get into too much trouble with a mini van.

Visit your local Chrysler dealer for more information on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.