It doesn’t get any better than the Mercedes-Maybach S650

Since the 1970’s, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Special Class) has been considered the gold standard in the full-size luxury car segment. Manufactures such as BMW and Audi regularly compare their finest vehicles with the S-Class because it is a benchmark vehicle in terms of engineering, technology and luxury. This segment is where advanced comfort and safety technologies are often times introduced to the public, such as massaging seats, lane keep assist, and pretension seatbelts.

But what do you if you want a luxury car that is better than “the best?” What if money is no object? Celebrities and flashy elites usually turn to a Rolls Royce, and more modest gentlemen will often times admire a Bentley…. but they are forgetting a brand that dates back to 1909, Maybach. The brand was once a stand alone marque, but Mercedes has resurrected the name for their ultra-luxury flagship sedan. 

This sedan may look like an ordinary Mercedes on the outside, but it is extra ordinary inside. The cabin is handcrafted from top to bottom in nappa leather and features quilted diamond pattern stitching on select surfaces to add an extra touch of detail. All of the elements of this car screen quality.

Mercedes calls this a “trim level” but it is not… It’s like going from First Class on an American Airlines flight to flying privately on a Gulfstream Jet. Both are nice, but once you starting flying private, it is hard to go back.

In addition to Maybach styling and the special materials used, you will also noticed an enhanced ride. It is even more supple than a regular S-Class. This is because the S650 Maybach features a unique “Magic Body Control” system that scans the road ahead so the suspension can proactively counteract bumps and dips in the road. The system also has a very impressive “Curve” mode which will counteract G-Forces by leaning the car inwards like a motorcycle driver when making quick sharp turns. I tested this feature numerous times, and I still can’t get over how well it works!

What also works surprisingly well on this car are the brakes. The Mercedes-Maybach S650 weighs nearly 5,300 pounds, but it able to stop with sports-car like precision. This is a very important quality to have, because: One, the faster you can stop the safer you are. And two, this Mercedes likes to fly when you hit the gas pedal. Under the hood is a 6.0L Bi-Turbo V12 that pumps out 621 horsepower and over 700 pounds of torque – that is super car status – so you are going to need all that stopping power.

Hopefully if you have the means to afford such a beautiful machine, you will also have a chauffeur on hand, because the backseats are even more opulent than the front. From the back you get to enjoy reclining heated and cooled seats with built in massagers. Additionally you can sit back and put your feet up and take a nap because you got an extra 6-inches of legroom and a motorized footrest. If staying awake is more your style you can look up at the stars at night through the rear moonroof or entertain yourself with the rear video displays.

With a vehicle that is more understated than a Bentley and fancier inside than a Rolls Royce, it is hard not to want the Mercedes-Maybach S650 as your daily driver. The great thing is that it is also a relative bargain, my test vehicle was listed at $207,000 with options. Where as the Bentley Flying Spur starts at $189,000 and the Rolls Royce Ghost starts a $311,000.

Contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer or click here for more information on the 2018 Mercedes-Maybach S650.