I am loving this RED hot Mustang

Few colors are more passionate than, and few cars are more iconic than the Ford Mustang. While the vehicle has evolved over the years from boxy to round, and then back to a retro look across 6 generations, one thing has remained the same – the Ford Mustang creates an emotion connection to everyone who experiences it. You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t reminisce about driving on the open road with their friends, or burning rubber… after all it is a Pony car.

The latest incarnation is the 2018 Mustang, with engines ranging from a 310hp 2.3L turbo-charger 4-Cylinder to a 526hp 5.2L V8. But no matter which engine you choose, you get the distinct feeling of driving a modern Mustang. I specify “modern” because the current generation finally offers independent suspension across all models versus a straight axel (like on previous generations). This means you get a smoother ride and better handling. The new Mustang is not just for the drag strip, it can keep with the best of them on autocross and road courses.

In addition to enhanced drivetrain and suspension components, the modern Mustang offers an aggressive fighter jet style interior with toggle switches and the label “ground speed” on the speedometer. Peering over the dash, you still get a long deck lid and, which gives you a traditional muscle car feel.

The particular model I tested was a convertible, which was great because the Mustang can give you a sports car feeling, but it is also comfortable enough to relax in and simply cruise. The top goes up and down very quickly for a convertible – this is important because it allows you to soak up the sun or take shelter at a moments notice. With the top up, the cabin is surprisingly quite, but not as quite as a fixed roof Mustang. I found myself lowering the top as often as possible in order to enjoy the siren experience of the wind blowing through my hair.

There is just something magic about driving a red Mustang, especially when it is a convertible. It can turn a bad into a great a day with the press of a gas pedal and an engine roar, or by pushing the drop top button and basking in the sub. So if you are tired of boring old sedans and need/want an economically priced four-seater, than take a look at the 2018 Ford Mustang.

Visit your local Ford dealer for more info on the Mustang or click here.