Unleash The Beast! 2018 Nissan GTR Review

With the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds, the Nissan GTR is one of the quickest sports cars in the world. And because of its ability to dominate Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches on the dragstrip, it has earned the nickname Godzilla. The GTR is rated for a top speed of nearly 200mph. It is big mean and incredibility fast! It only has a 3.8L V6, but this twin-turbo monster is good for 565 horsepower (600 horsepower on the NISMO edition) and 467 pounds of torque. That is supercar status for a vehicle that cost less $100,000 brand new from factory. 

The Nissan GTR’s performance benchmarks are largely due to its engine, but the six-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive system also deserve a lot of the credit. The six-speed gearbox is magnetically controlled using two column mounted paddle shifters on the steering wheel, and it can change from first gear to second gear in 0.15 seconds. The Nissan GTR’s electronic all-wheel drive system is equally impressive; allowing you to send 100% of the torque to the rear wheels for maximize power, or split the torque 50/50 to the front and rear wheels for maximum grip. The all-wheel drive system isn’t just for inclement weather. When you punch the car from a standing stop using launch control, the computer intelligently applies the power between all for wheels to reduce wheel spin and deliver maximum acceleration. Then it will seamlessly transfer the power back to the rear wheels. It is a thrill to feel your head snap back between each gear change.

All though Godzilla weighs nearly 4,000 pounds, it is still quite capable on a curvy road or the race track. Nissan gave the GTR an adjustable suspensions system that was custom designed by Bilstein for car. The vehicle always delivers a rock hard ride that bounces you around like you are off-roading, but if you want the suspension extra stiff you can get that too. With that being said, I don’t mind being bounced around a little because the Nissan GTR has virtually no body roll when corning. In order to slow down before a tight corner, Nissan gave the GTR powerful 6-piston and 4-piston brakes with aluminum rotors. The aluminum (instead of steal) dissipates heat faster and reduces the overall weight.

If you ever considered buying the GTR previously or if you currently own one, you may be asking yourself: “what’s new?” Although the 2018 Nissan looks extremely similar to the ten year old 2008 GTR, it has a few new bells and whistles. To start with, the power has been increased year over year. The entire front end was recently restyled to give the GTR a more athletic look. And the interior has been drastically improved to give the car a refined look that is fitting of its supercar status. The update includes a new steering wheel, instrument cluster, dash, and center console. Due to the quality of the leathers and the carbon fiber trim, the 2018 Nissan GTR feels more like a luxury Infiniti product than it does a Nissan; I was pleasantly surprised. Another Infiniti like feature is that when you are simply cruising down the highway, the BOSE audio system will activate noise cancellation technology in order to quite the cabin. When I recall testing the previous generation GTR, I didn’t think it was overly loud while cruising, but 2018 GTR seems eerie quite for a supercar. Luckily all that goes away and the optional titanium exhaust opens up when you smash the throttle at any speed. For the technology guys in the room, the new Nissan GTR comes with Apple Car Play. This nifty piece of software is becoming a necessity in the automotive world because it allows you to project and control most of your iPhone’s apps from the infotainment screen; thereby eliminating the need to hold your phone while driving to place a call, text, listen to music, or get driving directions. It is all done through the iPhone’s speech interpretation and recognition interface (Siri).

So the $99,990 question is: Should you buy the Nissan GTR? My answer is YES! If you currently own one, the new GTR is a very nice upgrade and used GTRs have held there value very well. If you don’t already own a GTR, get one fast, because it makes you feel as if you are the fastest man alive.