The CT6 Hybrid Is The Cadillac Of Cadillacs

The introduction of the CT6 in 2015 marked Cadillac’s return to the full-size luxury segment. Historically driving Cadillac represented that you have “arrived.” I am sure you have heard of the phrase: “This is the Cadillac of [Insert Product Category Here.]” For decades, showing up in a big luxury vehicle was a status symbol, but the brand needed a new image in the mid 2,000s as consumer’s tastes had changed. The transformation resulted in the company focusing on smaller and sportier versions of their sedans, as well as, their growing SUV/CUV lineup. Their top of line luxury vehicles were forgotten. 

The 2018 Cadillac CT6 Hybrid represents the modern-day resurgence of Cadillac’s big and beautiful sedans. But instead of having a 7.2L V16 motor like the top of line Cadillacs from the 1930s, the CT6 offers a 2.0L gasoline motor paired with an electric motor. This modern combination gives the CT6 335 HP along with 62 MPGe when the batteries are fully charged. I love big and power gasoline engines, but there is no doubt that electrification is the way of the future. The Cadillac CT6 Hybrid can operate as a 100% electric vehicle for up to 31 miles. This means that if you have 240-volt charger at home and you commute less than 15 miles to work each way every day, you may never need to go to the gas station again. But should you decide to take a road trip, you don’t have to worry about range anxiety like you would with a Tesla because you also have a gasoline motor under the hood. Additionally, if you get the need for speed, the two motors combined will help you accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. Not bad considering that you are driving a big luxury sedan.

The exterior of the CT6 delivers an impactful statement due to the sheer size of the vehicle. It is the biggest sedan Cadillac has made in a long time, and it will surely be one of the biggest vehicles in your company’s parking lot. Driving the car around town can be slightly cumbersome, but it is not as overwhelming as you would expect. Parking the CT6 was easy when you compare it to other vehicles in its segment. Driving the Cadillac CT6 on the highway was pure bliss. The car has an extremely supple ride and the interior noise levels are library quite – both in hybrid mode and full electric mode.

As you would expect on a $75,000 vehicle, the interior looks and feels posh. But more of a new aged posh versus old school like you would find on a Jaguar. The interior was dressed in leather, wood trim, and some type of carbon-fiber looking plastic. The traditional analog instrument cluster has been replaced by a fully customizable digital display that allows you to get a number of readings, as well as, control the vehicles audio and phone options. A large touchscreen display in the center gives you even more control and information about the vehicle’s systems. Alternatively, the infotainment center can also be controlled using a touchpad right in front of the armrest. The CT6 offers wireless charging for compatible phones, but I couldn’t get it to work with my iPhone X. The seats on the CT6 are unusually wide and plush. They remind me of First Class seats on an airplane. They also look very premium with perforated leather and detailed stitching, but surprisingly I didn’t find them very comfortable for long trips. I couldn’t get the seats to fit my body correctly; my wife on the other hand praised them. Backseat passengers get similar seats, but in the form of a bench versus bucket seats. Backseat passengers also get a usually large amount of legroom. This allows guests to kick back and relax as they watch their favorite movies or shows on two viewing screens that seamlessly pop out of the back of the two front seats.

The vehicle I tested for this review did not feature Cadillac Super Cruise technology, but it is available on this model. Super Cruise uses precision GPS mapping, radar, and cameras to keep the vehicle in the center of your lane while driving at highway speeds on select interstates. It allows the vehicle to semi-autonomously drive itself without your hands on the wheel. As with all current semi-autonomous driving technology, you can’t fully rely on it. You still have to pay attention and stay alert at all times, but Super Cruise gives you a chance to stretch your arms and legs without worry. The system is a $5,000 option, but I strongly recommend checking that box at the dealership if you do a lot of highway driving. 

I am truly glad to see the CT6 Hybrid in Cadillac’s lineup, because up until now I feel like brand lost its “ultimately luxury” heritage. The CT6 is rightfully so Cadillac’s flagship sedan – It offers a modern day tribute to the Cadillac of vehicles.