The 2019 Audi Q3 Gets A Much Needed Upgrade

Entry level vehicles are often times contrived as being the cheapest way to buy the name plate, versus delivering a taste of what the brand represents. Obviously, the Audi Q3 will never be “as good” as its older brothers, the Q5, Q7 or Q8. But, throughout the years it felt like the baby SUV was the red headed stepchild of the Audi family: With the Q3 not having the same interior design or technology options as its larger SUV siblings.

But that has changed with the all-new Q3. It joins the Audi family as a full-blood member, with a sleek exterior and a plush interior worth of the four-rings badge. The 2019 Audi Q3 feels more like a shrunken SUV versus a lesser Q5 this time around. But in actuality, it is more like a miniature Q8, Audi’s $70,000 flagship SUV. That is because the Q3 is using Audi’s newest design language. The larger and more expensive Q5s and Q7s are still using Audi’s old design language; which is beautiful, but not stunning like its latest rendition on the Q8.

Like on the Audi Q8, the 2019 Audi Q3 features a large touchscreen display that seamlessly blends into the center of the dash. Here you can control a number of infotainment options, but best of all: It has wireless CarPlay. When synced, your phone, while inside your pocket, will appear on the dash to make phone calls, listen to music, navigate, and even find you the best nearby restaurant. The screen on center console is paired with another large display for viewing the instrument cluster; it is dubbed the “Virtual Cockpit.” A slew of information can custom presented here. Giving you focus to traditional gauges, the navigational map, or your music selection.

Like a proper Audi, the interior is a work of art; it is visually pleasing and precision crafted. It does include quite a bit of plastics, but all of the pieces appear to be high quality plastics with a nice finish. Aluminum trim is carefully placed throughout the cabin to give a high tech look. The door handles especially are beautifully crafted. Depending on how you configure your vehicle, additional brushed aluminum inlays, brown natural wood inlays, or orange alcantra inlays can create a unique look. The seats, steering wheel, gear lever, and part of the doors come in genuine leather standard. The options are black, brown, and gray.

The front seats were comfortable and spacious enough for long commutes or road trips despite the deceptively small size of the vehicle. The backseats were also comfortable and offer acceptable legroom. There is also plenty of cargo space for road trips, but if you need extra space, the second row seats fold flush with the rear storage area.

In terms of driving dynamics, the vehicle feels well planted at high speeds on the highway. It also steered wheel at slower speeds around town, and features a good turning radius. It is not a rocket ship, with only 228 horsepower, but it is peppy for a compact SUV. The sprite nature is largely thanks to the motors 258 pounds of torque. That translates into 28 more horsepower and 51 more pounds of torque compared to the previous generation Q3.

Other vehicles in this segment are the Mercedes GLA, BMW X1, and the Lexus UX. The Audi has a way nicer interior than the Mercedes. The Audi is slower than the BMW, but the Audi comes standard with all-wheel-drive and leather seats. The Lexus is cheaper than the Audi by a couple grand, but the Lexus also uses a cheap CVT transmission versus Audi’s eight-speed traditional automatic transmission.

If you want to learn more, I recommend visiting your local Audi dealer and taking a test drive for yourself.