Add A Little Fun To Your Daily Commute With The Mercedes E53 AMG Cabriolet

For those that want the comfort of a mid-size executive sedan on their morning commute, but also want to unwind a little on their way home from the office: I present to you the Mercedes E53 AMG Cabriolet.

Well equipped models feature all of the technology and luxury offered by E-Class sedan. In fact, from the front seat forward, it is almost identical in appearance. Sleek styling on the exterior, and a beautifully dressed dash complete with two large displays on the inside. The leather wrapped seats are soft to the touch and supportive in all the right areas. Depending on how you configure the car, you can also get massaging seats. Surprisingly, the Mercedes E53 AMG Cabriolet is almost as practical as the sedan too. The rear seats are usable for a full-grown adult with the top up or down. And, their is enough truck space for two suit cases or your golf clubs.

What isn’t apparent from the outside is AMG’s new straight six bi-turbo engine that produces 429 horsepower and 384 pounds of torque. It is a great engine for a sporty car. The power curve is very linear with zero turbo-lag. The power output isn’t what I expected though from an AMG model; I was hoping for a rocket ship 0-to-60 mph time and a German muscle car like experience. Instead I got a respectable 4.4 second time and a nice bark from the exhaust. Of course I am just being picky after having the privilege of previously experiencing AMG engines with 12-cylinders and 600+ horsepower. On the plus side of having a more tame engine though, the E53 AMG has impressive fuel economy for an AMG. Up to 26 miles per gallon is great for a larger luxurious performance oriented car. On a weekend sports car, you typically don’t care about fuel economy. But it can get quite annoying having to fill up the tank multiple times throughout the week. The engine sounds quite good thanks to adjustable baffles in the exhaust for loud and quite modes. Handling characteristics are quite nice for this type of vehicle. In sport+ mode, the vehicle hunkers down in the corners. While in comfort mode, the adjustable suspension system minimizes bumps in the road.

Cabriolet is French for convertible. And while the E53 AMG Cabriolet is a true convertible in every sense of the word, I was surprised by how coupe like the car feels with the top up. Gone are the burdens of driving a convertible. The insulated top keeps the cold and heat out very well. It also dampens road noise to traditional fixed roof levels. Even at highway speeds, I could easily forget I am driving a convertible. I credit Mercedes engineers and the advancements in Haartz top materials. But when nature calls, the top goes down in a matter of seconds – even when driving at slow speeds.

All this technology, luxury, and performance comes at a price though. The Mercedes E53 AMG Cabriolet that I tested had a price tag of just under $100,000. For that kind of money you could get Mercedes’ flagship sedan, the S-Class, or the SL-class convertible. But the S-Class wouldn’t be as fun to drive. And the SL isn’t as practical for everyday use.

Many will argue that a panoramic roof or a sunroof with the windows down will deliver the same experience, but nothing compares to the freedom of a true convertible. It will release your stress and quickly put a smile on your face.