Mercedes AMG GTR is the Ultimate Roadster: 1 of 750

In 2020, roadsters represent the most fun way to get around town on a beautiful day. They use to be the best way to get around the race track too because of their light weight nature. Less steel / aluminum = less weight. But as cars started getting faster and faster, engineers learned the affects of drag at high speeds and discovered that coupes are significantly more aerodynamic. On top of that, consumers began wanting automatic convertible tops, which negated the weight savings due to the electric motors. After that, manufacturers then started putting their most power engines only in coupes; leaving drop top gear heads like myself with less powerful engines.

Mercedes-Benz apparently disagrees with the pack, and has released their AMG GT Convertible in GTR in spec. The “R” stands for race. The boys in Stuttgart deserve an extra 27 pints of beer for this one. It delivers the same 4.0L AMG biturbo V8, suspension components, forged wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, and the same active-aero dynamics as the coupe variant.  My particular favorite is the carbon fiber spoiler paired with the “solar beam yellow” metallic paint, so stoplight drag races know you mean business. It is boy racer in all the right ways. I just don’t know if I could pony up $9,900 for a paint color. 

With 20 pounds of boost, this droptop rocket ship goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. However it might as well be 1.5 seconds, because the sensation you get without having a fixed roof is incredible. Everything seems faster in this tracked-tuned machine. The exhaust is louder, the squealing tires are louder, and the wind rushing against your face all play into the sensory highness.

Similar to the Mercedes AMG GTR Coupe, you will find that the interior of the 2020 Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster is elegantly dressed for motorsports enthusiasts. The steering wheel is wrapped in alcantar for maximum handgrip. Carbon fiber and real aluminum is used as sporty accent pieces. The dash, doors, and seats are wrapped in leather, and paired with thick contrast stitching. What you won’t find on the coupe, but will on the roadster is the “airscarf.” It consists of nifty air vents behind your neck that blows hot air. I wish Mercedes coupes and sedans also had this feature, because it is quite nice on a cold day.

For those of you experienced with previous generations of this vehicle, you will find the 2020 Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster to be high-tech in contrast. Front and center is a digital display, which allows you to dynamically display vital information based upon your preferences. This is controlled by touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel. You also get a more modern display on the center console to change your music selection and navigation. Apple Car Play and Android Auto is now also available on AMG GT vehicles. Also on the center console are mini touch sensitive display, which allow you to control performance functions. Such as, opening or closing the exhaust baffles, and stiffening the suspension for improved handling.

The Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster does come at a cost. My test vehicle was priced at over $200,000. You have a lot of options at this price point: Audi R8 Spyder, Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, McLaren 570s Spider. However, I would argue that the Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster is way more fun than any of those mentioned. And that is what counts when you are not on the racetrack.

Unfortunately for us, Mercedes AMG is only gracing the general public with 750 vehicles being produced world-wide. That means two things: it will be hard to get your hands on one. And when you do, you should hold on to it and not drive it because the roadster will likely go up in value as a collectible… it was hard giving this vehicle back to Mercedes after my one-week loan, so I know you are going to want to drive it everyday.