Mini Cooper Electric

Finally, an exciting and affordable electric vehicle! The Mini Cooper Electric. Most EVs are slow and boring (Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt), or they are super expensive (Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S). This little car in neither. You get 181 horsepower and 110 miles of range for less than $30,000. Plus it looks like a cool car!

Now 181 horsepower might not seem like a lot of power, it actually isn’t this day and age. But remember, this is a small and agile vehicle. So you don’t need a lot of power to scoot this fun, little car around town. Also since this Mini Cooper is electric, you have instant torque, which makes it feel quicker than it is. In terms of weight, it is one of the heaviest Minis ever built. Lithium batteries weight a lot. However, you don’t feel the weight. The Mini Cooper Electric feels surprisingly well balanced when going around a corner. The handling characteristics are on par with its siblings, which are know for world-class handling. Even F1 World Champion James Hunt drove one for fun.

I had the Mini Cooper Electric for one week, and range anxiety was my only cause for concern with the vehicle. 110 miles is very respectable, however I don’t have a Level 2 or Level 3 charging station at my home or office. This means it took 4 days to fully charge the vehicle. For comparison, a Level 3 charging station would have charged the Mini Cooper Electric to 80% in 36 minutes. I would have this problem with any electric vehicle, so it isn’t Mini’s fault. It is just something you have to keep in mind if you purchase an electric Mini over a gasoline powered Mini.

One thing I loved about the Mini Cooper Electric is that it looks inside and out like a proper car. It isn’t a science experiment. In fact, the interior is identically to that of its gasoline sibling.

My advice is to get the Mini Cooper Electric if you have fast home charger and don’t take a lot of road trips. Otherwise, get the John Cooper Works Edition of the Mini Hardtop 2 door for $32,900.