Genesis G70, G80, and G90 Comparison

This year, I have been lucky enough to try all three Genesis sedans. The G70, G80, and G90. Each one was put through their respective paces, based upon performance, luxury, and value.


This car has its sights set on performance. Its closest competitor is the BMW 3-Series, however the regular 3-Series has grown soft. Whereas Genesis has gone full-throttle with delivering an engaging driver experience. You get actual feel through the steering wheel and drivetrain to create a symbiotic relationship between the drive and vehicle.

There isn’t an M offering for the G70, but 365 horsepower with the 3.3L twin-turbo V6 is more than adequate for the average sports sedan enthusiast. And for quicker lap times, plus stability on road, the G70’s all-wheel-drive system is available with F1 derived torque vectoring. The system dynamically transfers power independently between each wheel to help you turn faster. My test car was peppy and fun to drive.

This is the Genesis to get if you want a sporty, but semi-luxurious ride on your daily commute.


With an interior that is equally attractive from the front as it is the rear, the Genesis G90 is the car to get for a true luxury experience. Front occupants will be able to drive the vehicle effortlessly, while rear occupants will be able lounge in style. It is a car that I would almost rather be chaffered in than drive. The Genesis G90 makes a great alternative to the Mercedes S-Class sedan, particularly if you want a car this size without having to spend $100,000. The G90 starts fully equipped at $72,950 with a V6 engine. Or you can get 5.0L V8 engine for just $79,200. The engine size if your only paid option, everything else is standard equipment options.

My test vehicle offered a ride supple enough that I could drive across the English channel, and still be refreshed enough to take the Queen out to lunch.

This is the car to get if you will be driven often or you will be driving clients around town. It is a status symbol without the status symbol price tag.


If I were to spend my cold hard cash on a Genesis, it would be this one. With a recently updated exterior and interior for the 2021 model year, the Genesis’ G80 charismatic good looks will be sticking around for a while. Future model years will likely have minimal updates. My test vehicle was the 2020 model, which carried a near identical style since 2013. That previous 7 year run should also mean that the new 2021 Genesis G80 will hold its value well over time.

The 2020 G80 that I tested was the perfect size car. Not too big, where it feels like you are driving a boat. And not too small, where you can’t stretch your legs. It is kind of the perfect blend of sportiness and comfort. It seems like Genesis took the best from both the G70 and G90 in this case. But in actuality, the G80 was on the market long before the G70 or the G90.

In my mind, the Genesis G80 securely squares off with the Audi A6. But at a starting price of around $47,000, the Genesis G80 is priced at nearly $10,000 less for similar equipment. And you arguably get a better looking car with the G80.

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