The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Is The Best Mini-Van I Have Ever Driven

The title of this review is factual, but also deceptive, because I have only ever driven Pacifica mini-vans. The hybrid variant, in my opinion, is the best, because it is the most fuel efficient: 82 combined mpge. The added “e” to the mpg is because the Chrysler Pacific Hybrid can function as a fully-electric vehicle for up to 32 miles.

I must also omit that I have no kids or grandkids, so I am not the target audience for this vehicle. Thus the fancy 3rd-row seating, built in vacuum cleaner, and rear entertainment options made no difference to me.

While I had the car however, I did do a small home improvement project. The gigantic rear hatch and folding rear seats were awesome for transporting building supplies from the hardware store to my home. The lower access height for picking up heavy materials is a one up against typical SUVs.

Driving the Chrysler Pacific Hybrid around town and on the highway was easy. It has great visibility and offers a smooth ride. I wouldn’t call the experience exciting, but the vehicle has plenty of pickup.

I plan to keep my sports cars for now, but I can’t absolutely understand why mini-vans remain the king of family vehicles. They are comfortable, practical, and can take the place of a truck for house projects.