The Jeep Grand Cherokee Goes Luxury

From the very beginning the Jeep Grand Cherokee was meant to be a bigger more luxurious version of the highly successful Jeep Cherokee. It served that purpose well, but myself, like most people never really considered the Grand Cherokee a luxury vehicle… until now. The 5th Generation Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L are able to go toe to toe with its European rivals from Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, and Audi.

The endless cheap plastic trim on previous generations of the Grand Cherokee has been replaced by real wood and leather. And in places were plastic is used, it is a high quality plastic with a nice finish. Along with better construction materials inside (and out), the 5th Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee received updated styling befitting of a luxury car. The lines throughout this 3-row vehicle have been sharpened to give a bolder presence. The beautiful wood trim on the doors, dash, and steering wheel is obviously a strong center piece, but the beautiful 10-inch infotainment display really steals the show.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L rides and steers better than any Jeep before it. Bumps are mitigated and there is absolutely no sway at cruising speeds on the highway thanks to an independent multi-link air-suspension system.

My test car was the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland, and it was so good that my wife and I are considering buying one over a Range Rover Velar next year. The Jeep costs less and I think it is a nice car all around. The big question is if we should buy the 2-row or 3-row version.