The Infiniti QX80 Still Makes a Bold Statement

Featuring a bold but timeless design, the body style of this Infiniti X80 has been such a favorite on the market since its debut in 2011 that only slight refinements have been made in the past decade. It’s not hard to see why celebrities, corporate titans and families chose this vehicle; it is easily one of the best looking 3 row SUVs on the market. If you or someone you know is looking to buy a triple row SUV, the Infiniti X80 is a total slam dunk in the looks department. 

As soon as I opened the doors I noticed immediately the center console has been updated from prior models to include a more modern feature design, including a large touch screen and dial controls that allows drivers easy maneuvering around all their favorite features, from changing the radio station to using Apple Car Play. Additionally, Apple Car Play is wireless, which is a huge plus. 

In addition to the updated center console, I am pleased to highlight that the interior of my test car was beautifully dressed in real leather, featuring diamond quilted stitches on the seats and wood trimmed accents. Inside and out, this is just a drop-dead gorgeous car. Speaking further on the seats, the three rows with captains chairs are large, like a first-class airline cabin. Though admittedly, I struggled to perfectly adjust them to my body type, so they may not be suitable for everyone. Passengers riding in the back noted that there was ample leg room in the middle chairs, though the back seats’ legroom was a little uptight for adults, though perfectly spacious for any kiddos cruising in this otherwise totally luxurious vehicle. 

All in all, I would say this car is a great value when compared to its full-sized luxury competitors: Mercedes (GLS), Cadillac (Escalade), Lincoln (Navigator), and Lexus LX, with a price point around 7-18k less than those listed above, however you will sacrifice some of the modernity and luxury for that cost margin.