As with the recent trends, SUVs and crossovers are becoming sleek coups on stilts, and the BMW X4 is no exception. While it sports a very modern, stylish visual, the BMW X4 is still reminiscent of the classic BMW look and high-performance feel that BMW drivers have come to expect. Borrowing styling cues from its big brother, the 473 horse power X4 M, the BMW X4 that I tested featured the M sport package, giving it that quintessential BMW character and drive. 

Under the hood, you’re working with 248 horse power, and 4 cylinder twin turbo, which is ample power for getting around town and beyond. With a smooth steering capacity, the car also feels very natural around corners; I really like how it handles. The ride quality was good even in stop-and-go traffic, as well as on the highway and around the city. While not aggressive, the steering wheel has solid feedback, making even jagged turns a breeze. 

Another great feature is the fully digital instrument cluster with customizable viewing modes. Additionally, the infotainment center offers touch screen display as well as a dial on the center console, which controls the radio navigation and Apple car play. I was a fan of the combination dial/touch screen because you can easily rest your hand while changing stations. Other details I appreciated about the BMW X4 were that it is available with colored break calipers, (which look really cool), and the interior trim options, which include red leather seats, and carbon fiber, and aluminum accents.