Subaru Forester Wilderness

Created to be Subaru’s off-road division, and aimed at giving thrill-seekers more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, the Subaru wilderness badge implicates a set of features uniquely designed with the adventurer in mind. The Subaru Forester Wilderness in particular includes upgraded ground clearance of an additional 9.2 inches, which is perfect for driving on bumpy or uneven terrain, and includes revised gear ratios for improved low-speed approach; it also comes with Subaru’s standard symmetrical all-wheel drive, however over the standard Subaru Forrester, the Subaru Forester Wilderness will tackle even tougher terrain and help you go even farther on your adventure. 

The exterior is also more rugged and chiseled, giving it a look like it is on par with its namesake and is ready to conquer the wilderness – or any environment. The interior is also of a more durable caliber; made with water-resistant upholstery, it is easy to clean and so perfect for any adventure, no matter how muddy. I also appreciated the embossed headrests and special decals, which further enhanced the brawny look, which corresponded well to the rugged exterior. 

The closest competitor to this car is likely the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, which is a little on the cheaper end, and at 271, has a higher horse power than the 182 of the Subaru Forester Wilderness. So, if you’re on the market for an adventure vehicle, I’d recommend checking out both before making any decisions.