Range Rover: The Ultra-Luxury SUV King is Back!

Land Rover has been in the SUV game longer than anyone. Yes, some would argue about the Wagoneer, but really, when you think of an off-road, capable, rugged truck with seats in the back, and some luxurious features to boot, the folks from England have it down, pat. So, when we say this Land Rover Range Rover is an incredible machine all around, we truly mean it. Today, the SUV game is stronger than ever, with just about every auto manufacturer offering at least one. Even in the ultra-luxury SUV game, high-end marques from Germany and Italy have challenged Land Rover for the title; yet even when compared to the Mercedes GLS Maybach, the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan, and the Maserati Levante, the Range Rover is by far our favorite SUV in this ever-growing segment. 
The freshly-redesigned, all-new Range Rover we received ticks all the boxes when it comes to an ultra-luxury SUV, both for drive yourself, or to be driven in by a chauffeur. In the age of gaping grills, unnecessary vents and aggressive bodywork, this understated, smooth and clean design and is a work of art on par with the Michelangelo David sculpture. Its stately appearance commands the road and offers a unique blend of a modern look and quintessential British luxury. Compared to the outgoing Range Rover, the updated model went for a more sculpted and polished look, and we have to say, it works VERY well! 

Inside, the interior is fit for a queen; this is a literal statement because Queen Elizabeth herself has one; it’s one of the few vehicles she actually drives herself. The interior is stunning, with a very minimalistic design and supple leather from top to bottom. You can easily melt into the heated/cooled leather seats, and on our test car, both front seats and the two rear seats offer a hot stone massage feature. 

To also make your short and long commutes more enjoyable, our test car was equipped with integrated refrigerator. We found this extremely useful while attending an all-day sporting event because we were able to keep 4 bottles of water chilled the entire time, even when the car was off. Our Range Rover was also equipped with the executive package, including a powered fold-down rear center console with multiple controls and features, and a push-button executive mode, which folds away the front passenger seat and extends the legroom for the main executive rear seat. 

What made us fall in love the most with this Range Rover is that it is not only a true ultra-luxury SUV, but one where the driver doesn’t feel like a chauffeur. In pretty much all the other SUVs in this segment along with sedans like the S-class Mercedes and 7-series BMW, the front seating positions makes it feel like the luxury focus is in the back, whereas in the Range Rover, we didn’t have the awkward feeling like we were hired help; the luxury is centered on the driver when it is in the 5 seat mode, and on the passenger when in executive mode. 

The ride quality was positively elegant, and with Land Rover’s legendary air suspension devouring every inconsistency and pothole in the road with unprecedented ease. Despite its gigantic size, the vehicle was super easy to drive and park thanks to 4-wheel steering, which enhanced the vehicle’s turning radius. This full-sized range rover was easier to park than most SUVs half its size.

While we did not take this Range Rover off-road, this one, like all others from the Land Rover brand, is highly capable off the payment. So, if you are so inclined, you can take this Range Rover to a black-tie event, then cut across a muddy, rocky field to your next destination.