BMW M440i Coupe: the Perfect Sports Coupe Under $100,000!

BMW’s 3 series (now 4 series for coupes) carries a multi-decade legacy of excellent, fun, sporty luxury vehicles. Although the 3/4 series has grown in heft over the years, the technology and horsepower has kept up well to deliver a smile from ear to ear on a spirited drive. We loved the sporty ride that felt athletic yet comfortable for daily commutes or road trips.

Under the hood is a 3.0-liter twin turbo inline 6, with plenty of displacement to produce low-end torque, while the twin scrolls help at the top range to pump out a healthy 382 horsepower. For this BMW, a small, 48-volt electric hybrid to give the vehicle even more torque at low RPM, and effectively reducing any noticeable turbo lag.

Weekend track enthusiasts might prefer the 473-horsepower engine, beefier suspension, and more powerful brakes of the 4 series flagship BMW M4, however, the M440i is more street-focused, which makes for a smoother daily driver. In addition to retaining the sporty feel, the M440i feels designed with comfort in mind, making it a great choice for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road. While a bunch of track junkies like our Behind the Wheel team may still prefer lean towards the M4, the merits of the M440i are plentiful, especially considering the price point. Fully loaded at around $67,000, the M440i is significantly less than the M4, and still comes decked out with many of the same goodies.

Our test car dazzled with beautiful metallic green paint paired with cognac brown seats and accented with especially carbon fiber trim pieces, which gave it a very unique European look. We enjoyed driving it around town, and even got to experience it on a short road trip; it delivered on comfort the whole way and still had more to give as soon as we eyed a windy road.

The throaty purr of the engine was music to our ears as we cruised around town, while the surprisingly-ample rear seat legroom, typically pitiful in driver-centric coupes in this class, was more than enough for 6-foot+ editor to comfortably enjoy not calling “shotgun” on time. The pain at the pump is minimal for the M440i, at 34 miles to the gallon. 

Rear seat latch anchor points in the backseats were a great touch for our most junior editors, and a welcome addition for the two track dads on our team.

Overall, the M440i a great option for car enthusiast commuters due to its exceptional comfort, and a fun sporty ride for anyone in the market for a luxury coupe.