The Mercedes E Class is Where Timeless Design Meets Modern Luxury

The most iconic executive car in the world, the Mercedes E Class, is a lesson in refinement. This gorgeous road star pulls up with all the presence of an ultra-luxury cruiser, and the interior is sure to inspire feelings of power and control with its high-tech elements and stunning design. Featuring a sophisticated build, and the most current technology available, this car was definitely designed with the boss in mind.

One of our favorite things about this car was the large display panels and futuristic steering wheel. You’re also able to talk to the car just by saying: “Hey, Mercedes,” just like you would with Siri on your iPhone, you can adjust the climate control, radio, navigation, or even turn on your massaging seats.

While the E Class’s bigger brother, the S Class, is the ultimate flagship symbol of the executive class car, we liked the E Class for its more compact size and ease of drive when compared with the S Class, which we all agreed would be more fun with a chauffeur. You can also get almost everything the S Class features on a fully-loaded E, so in addition to being smaller and more driver-centric, it is equipped with all the goodies you’d otherwise miss.

The backseat is nice, and our team members who rode in it were plenty comfortable, however everyone agreed that the spot to be in was the driver’s seat. With its buttery-smooth ride, and driver-first features, the Mercedes E Class was an absolute pleasure to drive.

The Mercedes E Class will fit any executive budget, ranging from $53,000 up to well over $100,000 based on different horsepower variants and ticked boxes on options sheets. Obviously the higher-end models come with more horsepower, more technology, and more luxuries, but even the base model E Class will deliver a smooth ride with a grandiose presence.

Overall, the Mercedes E class is probably our favorite Mercedes sedan, and is hands-down the best daily driver at this price point. 10/10 would recommend!