The 2022 Mercedes C300 is Like Setting Foot Inside a Starship Cruiser!

It is always exciting when Mercedes-Benz gets a new addition to its robust family of offerings. The C Class has always been one of our favorites as it is a nimble, smaller luxury car that often comes with some of the most fun drivetrain options in the German automaker’s lineup through Mercedes’ in-house tuning and motorsports magicians at AMG. Testing the all-new C300, we immediately noted a more refined and sculpted exterior than previous generations, making it a lot of fun to show off while cruising through the streets.

The biggest notable difference, however, is the interior, which, according to our team’s resident Trekkie, looks and operates like something straight out of the Starship Enterprise. The spacious cabin centers around a large 12-inch touch screen display, which controls nearly every aspect of vehicle operation. It’s partnered with another large digital display for the instrument cluster as well. In this latest C Class installment, the cabin somehow looks and feels more spacious and bigger than ever, even though the car is relatively the same as previous generations, which means Mercedes has done an excellent job improving the overall packaging.

Star Trek references aside, we immediately fell in love with the modern design. The freshly-redesigned steering wheel comes with with stylish aluminum trim and features touch controls so you can make adjustments to your surroundings safely without your hands ever leaving the wheel. The minimalistic design keeps your dashboard clutter-free by only presenting necessary features when needed, which also adds to the futuristic space ship-esque feel of the vehicle overall.

The car itself is very comfortable to spend time in. The seats have a unique shape that we haven’t encountered before, but upon testing them out, we found them to be both plush and supportive, making them a great option for drives across town or across the country. Besides their unique and comfortable design, the seats are also available with heating and cooling options, which are great to combat the scorching summer months or the icy winter season. Mercedes-Benz’s MB-Tex leather substitute upholstery is standard, but you also have the option to upgrade to leather if that’s more your style.

The interior also offers some style choice with an assortment of trim options, including our favorite for this vehicle: Fineline Anthracite wood, which gives the interior a very classy and sophisticated look. Inside the car, you can also enjoy an intelligent voice-control system that uses AI to learn your voice and habits, and even grows smarter over time… notice how we keep coming back to Star Trek? To activate you simply say “hey Mercedes,” and it can pretty much control everything in the vehicle, including temperature, navigation, radio, and other preferences.

We really enjoyed the futuristic features and feel of the new Mercedes-Benz C300. While the brand-new C Class is currently only available with one engine choice, the 255 horsepower turbo 4, we are confident that more engine options, including our highly-anticipated AMG versions, will become available in the next months. It was a lot of fun to drive and felt very up-to-date in terms of technology, which was both fun and useful. We would absolutely recommend this car for anyone who likes a clean, minimalistic look and feel, and of course for any Trekkies out there who want to feel like they’re navigating the Starship Enterprise!