The Hyundai Palisade Delivers a Luxury Presence for an Economy Price!

While the Hyundai Palisade has been on the market for a while, after taking it for a test drive, we can confidently assert that this model range has aged very well. We loved the spacious feel, and how it delivers a totally luxurious experience for a surprisingly economical price. When our team played the “guess the price” game for this SUV, most of us guessed well above the actual cost, which further attests to its overall value. The Palisade starts at only $35k, while ticking every box can still land you under $50k.

The Palisade comes standard with a 291 horsepower V6. Although it will not squash you in your seat like an AMG 63s offering at 3x the price, the engine is plenty adequate to move the SUV, and even makes for a fun drive. The standard seating fits up to 7 passengers; the middle row can be configured with captain’s chairs or a bench seat, which is great for versatility depending on your passenger arrangement.

Our test vehicle was the Calligraphy version, which, besides sounding about as strange as Range Rover’s Autobiography trim level, features exquisite Nappa leather seats all around and made us feel very luxurious during the test drive. This SUV also features remote start through the key, and even allows you to roll the vehicle forwards or backwards via the remote, which is a great feature for tight parking spots or a cluttered garage where you’d otherwise have to shimmy into a half-open door.

The cabin feels very luxurious, especially in relation to the pricepoint. It comes equipped with lots of safety equipment to give drivers peace of mind, which is great for busy parents with noisy kiddos distracting them from the backseats. We were especially impressed with the innovative blind spot cameras that will show what’s next to you while on the highway right from within the digital instrument cluster; a very smart feature and trademark of Hyundai vehicles.

The Palisade’s large, panoramic moon roof, heated/cooled seats and a heated steering wheel are all comfort features typically seen in luxury SUVs high above Palisade’s pricepoint. Our Hyundai was also equipped with a Harmon Kardon premium sound system, another marquee of luxury vehicles.

The Palisade is an excellent example of Hyundai’s Renaissance; building reliable, attractive cars packed with luxury features but missing the eyebrow-raising high price tag. It drives very nicely for its segment and is a reliable choice if you’re on the market for a designated commute, soccer practice and school warrior. The Palisade’s platform and engine-sharing cousin, the Kia Telluride, is one of the most desirable SUVs currently on the market, making the Palisade an excellent choice against competitors and even versus much higher-priced SUVs.

In fact, when a friend asked our team for a recommendation on an SUV we were quick to recommend the Palisade. He took us on our word and bought one!