The Hyundai Tucson Leads with Exceptional Design

Our first takeaway from our experience with the Hyundai Tucson was that it makes excellent use of modern design language in both appearance and features. The exterior of this SUV exquisitely combines smooth lines and chiseled edges to achieve an aesthetically stunning vehicle that is sure to stand out from other comparable options on the market. We especially liked the use of bladed angles that gave the body excellent detail and a shapely design.  

Inside the cabin, the Tucson is very spacious, which is especially enhanced by the awesome panoramic sunroof, which opens up the cabin to seemingly limitless space that both passengers and drivers can enjoy when the shade is pulled back. Among the plethora of SUVs currently on the market, this was hands-down an above-average choice if only for how exceptionally pleasant it is both in its exterior and interior design experience.  

Shifting the focus to the technology options, the Tucson was well-equipped with exceptional features that impressed our whole team. Our favorite was perhaps the Hyundai Digital Key feature, which is an awesome solution for lost keys since it allows you to unlock your door using your phone and allows you to share key capabilities with friends and family via text message. The Bluelink Connected Car features also enable you to remotely start the car and adjust temperature controls from wherever you are, which is an especially great feature for extreme weather conditions both hot and cold since you can make sure the environment is totally comfortable before even getting in. While this feature typically costs extra, the first 3 years come complimentary, so you get a good, long chance to decide if it’s worth the extra subscription cost before making a commitment. We were also partial to the wireless charging pad that both powers up and cools down any Qi-compatible devices.  

Safety features for the Tucson were also exceptional and included options that practically automated the driving experience, such as the Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control w/Stop & Go & Curve Control, which uses radar to help maintain a safe distance from the car ahead while maintaining the maximum speed limit available based on the legal speed limit of the road you’re driving on in any given moment.  

The Tucson offers great gas mileage, getting an average of 25 miles to the gallon in the city, and 32 on the highway, so a great option for any budget-conscious shoppers interested in a vehicle that won’t break the bank at the pump. The downside of all that great fuel economy is 187 horsepower: a bit on the weak side for an SUV, but plenty to get you and your family or friends around town.  

In summary, we found the Hyundai Tucson to be a great choice, especially for families wanting lots of space and an energy-efficient drive. Be sure to give it some thought if you’re looking for a 5-passenger SUV!