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Behind The Wheel is a United States based automotive reviews and features digital platform that is owned and operated by Lift Digital Media. The site was founded by Jonathan Brownfield in 2013 and the radio program was founded by John Rogger in 2015. Since then we have driven hundreds of vehicles ranging from Chevrolets and Hyundais to Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces.


Behind The Wheel content can also be found at the following media outlets:
St. Louis Post Dispatch Daily Newspaper – STLToday.com
DRIVETRIBE – DriveTribe.com
Sun Sentinel Daily Newspaper – SunSentinel.com
News Talk 1150AM / 97.5 FM KRMS Radio – KRMSRadio.com
Orlando Sentinel Daily Newspaper – OrlandoSentinel.com
News Talk 1530AM / 107.5 FM WENG Radio – WENGRadio.com

Editorial Headquarters

LiFT Digital Media
6365 NW 6th Way
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Editorial Team

Jonathan Brownfield, Editor
Glen Fields, Editor
Cathryn Roberts, Writer
Rebecca Bork, Writer
John Rogger, Radio Talent
Spencer Schneidenbach, Photographer
Bryon Hutcheson, Creative & Photographer
William Mutugi, Contributor

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