Introducing the iM and iA from Scion

Scion has recently introduced two new vehicles to the United Stated market, a fuel efficient sedan and a sporty hatchback. Both come standard with a number of premium features that are options on most of the competitors.

The Scion iM

This hatchback has a great exterior styling with 17″ alloy wheels and a sport body kit standard. Under the hood is a peppy 1.8L 4-cylinder that delivers 37 mpg. It is available with a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT transmission; my vote would be to opt for the manual if you are considering this car. The iM comes standard with multitude of premium features, such as a 6″ touch screen display, dual zone automatic climate controls, and a backup camera.

The Scion iA

I am being totally honest here… I am not a fan of the exterior styling of the Scion iA; it looks awkward… but I am a big fan of the way it drives. The iA feels solid behind the wheel. There is little very little play in the steering, the ride quality is good, and the manual gearbox shifts smoothly.

The Scion iA comes with even more premium features, including a 7″ touch screen display, a low-speed pre-collision safety system, and keyless entry with push start. The fuel economy is even more impress with 42mpg on the highway.

Both vehicles are not going to brake speed records, but they are an incredible value at $16,459 for the iA and $19,225 for the iM.

Contact your local Scion deal for more information about the iA and iM.